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Technology Training Team Technology Requirements

Learn how to use and integrate technology with our easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials

Hardware and Software


All Online students need regular access to a computer. To fully appreciate the online learning experience, the hardware should meet the following guidelines:
  • PC or iMac
  • Modem (56 Kbps minimum) or, better yet, high-speed cable or DSL connection
  • Adequate memory (512 MB or more, preferred)
  • Sound Card, microphone, speakers
  • CD-ROM or, better yet, CD-RW/DVD combo


The student needs access to the software required in the courses. See course outlines for description of Strands and software required.  Examples include:


Internet Service Provider:

All Online students need a connection to the World Wide Web. This connection may be through a school, a proprietary Internet Service Provider, a library, a free network, etc. We recommend that each student use an ISP that is fast and reliable.


All Online students need an email account.  This account may be through a school, a proprietary Internet Service Provider, a library, a free email service, etc. Homework assignments are submitted via email as attachments. (Online students need to know how to send attachments using their email software of choice.) Teacher feedback is provided via email. For these reasons, a reliable email service is important.

Web Browser:

Online students need an updated version of a Web browser.  The TechTrain site works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above or Mozilla FireFox or above.
Download Internet Explorer Download Mozilla Firefox