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Technology Training Team

Learn how to use and integrate technology with our easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials.

TechTrain provides online education opportunities for educators. Complete up to 9 hours of graduate credit online.

The Online Educational Opportunities provided by techTrain include: 

    Central Michigan University and Grand Valley State University are offering three graduate courses through Technology Training Team. Online instruction and distance education technology are involved in presenting instructional information, communication and completion of course requirements.
    Courses include:
    Technology for Educators I
    Technology for Educators II
    Technology for Educators III.
    These courses feature online learning using the latest in interactive instruction.

    With "Just-In-Time" learning, learn what you need to know when you need to know it.
    Find answers to your questions and solve your technology problems using a sophisticated searchable, sortable database of lessons.
    Help is just a Click away.

    Online materials feature an easy-to-follow "Step-By-Step" approach to learning.
    All course modules are offered in a logical manner with clearly stated objectives.
    Go through an entire lesson or select the particular objective you wish to master.

    You can register for a certificate in a variety of technology topics.
    After successful completion of the modules and online quizzes, earn a TechTrain Technology Certificate

    Support FORUMS provide real-time communication among online participants to raise questions and respond to questions of others.
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